Gyoza dumplings produced in collaboration with Italian chefs.

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Itaci srl has created a wide range of premium quality gyoza dumplings starting from original recipes and traditions of gyoza wrappers from China.  

Our gyoza dumplings are already distributed in all major markets around Europe with our Wei Mei line, now thanks to the collaboration with famous Italian chefs specialized in ethnic cuisine, Itaci has developed a wide range of new flavours specifically addressed to the European consumer preferences.

Our gyoza dumplings are produced in Italy, using only carefully selected ingredients mostly from local Italian suppliers. According with authentic recipes from Asia, the starting ingredients to produce gyoza dumplings are water and common wheat flour, which are mixed together to create the dough, that should be slightly yellow and shining in colour.

After that first step, the dough is processed and it is combined with one of our stuffing flavours, creating the authentic gyoza dumplings with the crescent moon’s classic shape.

The last phase of production involves the steaming, while at the end, products are frozen to preserve their natural fragrance, please find below the list of all our products.

Gyoza dumplings manufactured in Italy for restaurants and supermarkets.

Our gyoza dumplings sometimes are known as jiaozi, they are developed in Italy, with Italian care using only top quality ingredients, to be distributed towards the best restaurants and supermarkets.

  • Gyoza dumplings with pork and chives

  • Gyoza dumplings with pork and savoy cabbage

  • Vegetarian Gyoza dumplings

  • Gyoza dumplings with marinated in beer and potatoes

  • Pot stickers

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