Authentic spring rolls created and manufactured in Italy

Made in Italy and Italian care

Itaci srl is developing a wide range of authentic spring rolls with Italian quality and Italian care, using only top quality ingredients, mostly with Italian origin.

Our spring rolls will be 100% Italian made and will be distributed towards the best restaurants and supermarkets all around Europe.

Spring rolls recipes created using fresh local ingredients.

Recipes created with local ingredients

Our spring rolls recipes start with very simple ingredients as common wheat flour and water, that are combined with fresh local ingredients used to prepare the filling.

The dough to prepare our spring rolls is produced using the best common wheat flour from local Italian mills, that is mixed together with water.  After this first step, the dough is processed to create very thin sheets to be combined with one of our delicious stuffing flavours.

Original spring rolls are frozen to keep the original fragrance to your home.

frozen to keep it fragrant

Once they are produced, spring rolls are frozen to preserve their freshness and fragrance, than sealed and packed inside special trays ready to be fried by the final consumer.

Creating your own recipe using our delicious spring rolls.

Spring rolls recipes

Let yourself be tempted, preparing your favourite plate using one of our spring rolls flavours available, alternatively, enjoys yourself creating your own recipe according to some traditions from Asia such as the Chinese or the Japanese.

Thanks to our wide range of flavours available, you can really express yourself using the quality and the competence of our food products.

  • Vegetarian spring rolls

  • Spring rolls with meat

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